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Back2Book Campaign

The back2book campaign is a partnership program with AwesomeBooks in the United Kingdom and International Book Project in United States of America. We took the initiative based on the realization that the remote communities were not having access to books for literacy development.
It is our hope that based on our collaboration with our partners we will be able to reach every school in every remote community in Ghana.

Youth Development project.

Today, the crime rate among the youth is alarming. Some of these violent acts among the youth are generated as revenge to unfulfilled promises from leadership or those in authority which make them feel disappointment, therefore, the Youth Development Project provides training to the youth in Churches, Schools and Recreational Centers to create the awareness for self responsibilities and self initiative. There are three main areas that the projects centers on which are Leadership qualities, investment and Information technology training (ICT) training.

Technical and Vocational Training Support.

This projects is designed with Trades of Hope to assist those in need especially women to find certain kinds of trade for their lives. Our research has shown that there are people especially the youth in our society who desires to learn some kind of trade but do not have the resources and the support, we supports such people by assisting them with the things they need to help them get into the training they desire to pursue -such as hair-dressing, dressmaking, beads making, carpentry, mechanics etc.


Leave out Violence Everyday is a quarterly program which addresses Domestic and Sexual Violence among Women, Teens and Children. In every quarter we host this program in churches, schools, non-denominational meetings to Educate, Empower & Enlighten people about domestic Violence. Special Guests are invited to join us to share their stories of survival, testimonies and educate the community on relevant resources. Leave out Violence Everyday is in partnership with Sister4Sisters Inc.


The reading habit of most people in Ghana and  Africa in general is very poor, thus how Read A Book A Month came about.RABAM as it is well known is a book club formed in schools from primary to tertiary and university level to encourage students to at least read one book each month. Books are sold to club members on discount and membership is for free. Agape Village of Hope International in collaboration with authors and publishers, and other organizations provides awards which serves as a motivation for students to read and at the end of each month the club members are allowed to criticize and review the read book.

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